Free Download Sites

These may be worth a bookmark, as they have links to freeware and shareware, some of which are real finds.

Portable Apps
A great selection of free software for your USB key.
Tiny Apps
Small apps that are useful, can fit on a floppy disk, and are free!
The web's largest host of open-source projects, many for Windows too.
A collection of highly rated links to applications.
Big list of freeware, and only freeware.
The new name for WebAttack; a great categorised list of software.
FreeWare Home
Massive list of software, well categorised.
Tips on using Windows more effectively.
Shell Extension City
Lots of tweaks for the Windows interface.
The Windows Users Groups Network
Tips, tricks, and a software pick o' the week.
Huge amount of software for Windows.
ZDNet Downloads
Plus some bonus interesting articles.
The Free Site
Not just software, lots of other free resources too.

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