TwinHelix Forums v1.0 Beta 3

Used on this very site, this is a bulletin-board style Perl script that is very customisable, standards-compliant, and does not require a database on your server. It supports full user accounts with different privilege groups, and web-based administration of almost all common topic/post management functions like editing / deleting posts, and locking / deleting / pinning forum topics.

Script License Agreement

Released under the Affero GPL version 3 or later.

If that license doesn't suit, please contact me to discuss other licensing terms.

If you use this script, please consider either:

  1. Making a Donation: If you can make a donation to support this script, it would be much appreciated. I have spent a lot of time developing, debugging and documenting scripts, and any support is welcome.
  2. Link to my website: It's nice (and free!) to give credit :).


To download this permanently: (37kb).

More downloads are available at the Git repository.


This requires a webserver that supports Perl 5; I have tested with Perl versions 5.004 and 5.6. It also requires the 'CGI' module, which is included by default with almost all Perl installations. Optionally, you can also use the 'CGI::Carp' module for debugging and the 'Compress::Zlib' module for compressing generated content, but they are not essential.

Archived Versions


v1.0 beta 3
Fixed Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in $page parsing.
Added "SameSite=Strict" to login cookie.
v1.0 beta 2
Changed license to AGPL.
CSS changes to enhance mobile compatibility.
Added very basic antispam logic, IPv6 support.
Corrected post counts after deleting posts.
v1.0 beta 1
Initial code release