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Cross-Browser DHTML API v1.1 RC

by Angus Turnbull - Updated: 11 January 2005.

This library is designed to make coding cross-browser projects a lot easier, in Netscape 4, NS6+/Mozilla, Opera 7+, Safari 1.0+, IE4+, some functionality in Opera 5 and 6, and also other DOM-compatible browsers like Konqueror.

It is built to be small and fast (for people who don't more than a couple of KBs of extra code), and also possible to include in a page several times safely while maintaining previous information (for all the cut-n-paste script combiners out there). From its modular design, you can take as little as you need for each project and add in additional objects and functions later when needed.

Please note, this will NOT teach you DHTML, it will NOT ensure your scripts run perfectly in every browser, and you need to be very familiar with JavaScript to use it effectively. Having a good idea of regular DHTML (i.e. the various DOMs of the browsers) is also recommended. I use it in all my scripts and it can make code much more readable (less if/else statements).

It includes several modules, namely:

Usage instructions and examples are in the source. Page and event objects demonstration:

Window Width: Height: This Anchor Y-position:

Good luck - Angus

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