Photo Morpher v1.0beta

by Angus Turnbull - Updated: 25 June 2006.

This is an XHTML based photo gallery viewer that morphs/fades between images. All photos and captions are stored in a standard <ul> list in the document, for excellent compatibility with old browsers. The script dynamically rotates through them with customisable controls including autoplay functionality. Try the demo below, and view source for instructions!


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Example images courtesy of Mount White High Country Adventures. Drop them a line if you're interested in visiting or mountain biking on a real High Country station in New Zealand!


Script License Agreement

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    1. Donating Users: This script is "donation-ware". If you can make a donation to support this script, it may be used on a website without a crediting link. Please consider making a donation! I have spent a lot of time developing, debugging and documenting scripts, and any support is welcome. More info...
    2. Free Users: All websites using this script for free must contain somewhere a visible crediting link to TwinHelix Designs, e.g. 'DHTML / JavaScript Photo Morpher by TwinHelix'.
  2. You must leave the "Script Name/Author/URL" comment in the source of the script file.
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