Gus' de1337er v1.0

by Angus Turnbull,, updated 14 Nov 2001.


1337 n.: The practise of obfuscating text by replacing letters with numbers and various other tricks, in an effort to prove one is an 'elite hacker', or '31337 h4x0r'. Often referred to as '1337sp34k'.

So, I coded this up to even the scales -- a leet decrypter ('de1337er' ;). Note that the main point of this script is 'de1337ing' obfuscated text to make it readable by normal users. Converting to leet is not perfect as global RegExp replacements are used, and should only be used for testing purposes.


If you're a true c0d3 h4x0r, then you might want to adjust the conversion table by hand. The syntax should be pretty easy to figure out, conversions are applied from the top down when converting to leet and the bottom up when de1337ing. If you specify multiple comma-separated leetisms then one is selected randomly when converting to leet. Note that the script uses regular expressions, so unusual characters have to be 'escaped' by placing a backslash in front of them (which is ignored otherwise). Seriously, the default replacement table here produces almost unreadable leetisms, you might want to remove some of the more 'advanced' ones at the bottom when leetifying.