CGI Links

Here are some other CGI related sites I find useful. If you're looking for a good reference, tutorial, or example, try these...


Mark Nottingham
Excellent tutorial on web caching, and the Cacheability Engine which allows you to check how your own website stacks up. Highly recommended.
Test your scripts in a free webserver, for many popular OS platforms.


Writing Serious Perl
A good list of advanced Perl OO tips and pointers.
Perl Tutorial
Learn the language quickly and efficiently.
Another CGI-Perl tutorial.
NMS Scripts
If you're after pre-made scripts, here are some well-written ones.
Perl Monks
Welcome, young grasshopper, to this collection of Perl wisdom.
Free Perl for Windows download.
If you really a need a Perl module to do something, chances are it's listed here.


The PHP homepage, and the best PHP resource out there. Grab a copy of the manual from the downloads page; it's very near essential.
An excellent, free and open source bulletin board system.

Python something I've been meaning to learn.

Download directories

Smart Code
A collection of software, both desktop and web.
Open Source Scripts
A respository of open source CGI/PHP/etc scripts.

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