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Help, Assistance and Feedback with scripts

Are you stuck? Do you have a bug report to make? Or a cool idea to add to the scripts? If so, the Support Forums are there for you! Posting is free and very easy, and I answer regularly. Please do the following:

  1. Ensure you have the latest script versions from this site first!
  2. Go to the Support Forums.
  3. Select the appropriate forum for your script query.
  4. Browse a few pages and either add your post to an existing topic, or if there's nothing similar already, start a new one!

Business & Licensing Enquiries

Do you want to hire me to write or modify a script? Or do you want a license to distribute a script with your product? If so, please send an email to 'angus' at the domain of this website, which is of course 'twinhelix' followed by a dot then com.