JavaScript Links

Here are some other JavaScript related sites I find useful. If you're looking for a good reference, tutorial, or scripting example, try these...

Development News & Blogs

A List Apart
Magazine for people who make websites.
A community of website designers, who have written many interesting articles.
Simon Incutio
An interesting blog on all things Web-related.

Reference / Tutorial Sites

QuirksMode (PPK's Site)
Lots of DOM/CSS compatibility resources and JavaScript information!
DevGuru JavaScript Index
A quick, useful list of JS functions, objects and properties and their uses.
From the standards organisation, a series of free tutorials on almost all common web technologies.
Douglas Crockford
Some really advanced JS tutorials, like using closures to create private properties and member functions. Not for the faint hearted :).
JavaScript FAQTS
A massive database of JavaScript problems, ideas and solutions.
JavaScript Kit
Clearly arranged JavaScript tips and tricks, DHTML tutorials.

The Horses' Mouths

MSDN Library
Microsoft's spin on DHTML, CSS and JS, well worth a browse. Look under 'Web Development' > 'Web Page Development', as well as 'Scripting'... this site is packed with information.
Netscape DevEdge
Netscape's developer site, has good Javascript and DHTML documentation.
The Mozilla Project: Web Developers
Much info on DOM-related issues, some good parts are the JS 1.5 Reference and the DOM Reference, an excellent introduction to DOM development.
Opera Specifications
Features supported by the Opera browser.

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