Here's a few JavaScript trinkets I've made, that can come in handy in the development process. Also, I've collected some links to useful JS sites online if you're interested.

Main Projects

HTMLHttpRequest v1.0beta

Evolved from the loading component of the "DHTML Scroller" script, this allows you to dynamically request HTML documents from a server and dynamically parse or insert them into the current document. Much like the proprietary XMLHttpRequest object, it's built using JavaScript and the DOM, and works in a wider range of browsers. Great for web apps!


Makes elements on pages draggable and resizeable in an easy-to-use manner.

AddEvent Manager

Easily lets you add multiple event handler functions to browser objects, and avoids common pitfalls!

JavaScript Object Model Browser v3.0

This is a cross-browser-compatible script (v4+ browsers) that can browse, view, categorise and update the browser DOM in realtime! You can trigger it from one of your scripts in development by either placing it in an IFRAME, popping up a new window, or using a browser bookmarklet, and view/alter your JavaScript variables, objects and arrays. It's great for debugging complex data structures and just generally observing script execution.

CodeTrimmer v2.0

Why wait for whitespace? This script will process other JavaScript source files, removing comments (both single- and multi-line), whitespace, and redundant information, to greatly accelerate script download time.

Extra Stuff

De1337er v1.0

You know those incredibly annoying posts on forums that consist of more numbers than letters? Sur3 j00 d0! This script decodes them to plain readable Queen's English, or as near as possible.