About Me

Hi. My name's Angus Turnbull, and I live in New Zealand, of all places. Anyway, this is basically a list of 'Infrequently Asked Questions', like...

Do you recommend any books?
Many technical books date quite rapidly; if you have to get some, try books on general design principles and web standards based books, like XHTML, CSS1/2/3, and the DOM, which will be usable for a while yet. Also, see the various 'Links' pages of this site; I've collected quite a few usable resources and tutorials.
Where did you learn JavaScript?
By trial (a lot) and error (even more) a long time ago, devoting a lot of time to figuring out the innards of the various browsers. Since then, web standards have made things easier.
Why give scripts away?
Why not? I got sick of the bloated scripts other sites were giving away that weighed in at 50k or so in size and did very little, so I thought I'd make my own efforts to fix the problem in my spare time. I hope you like them.
How can I help?
OK, to be honest this is hardly ever asked. But if you want to support these scripts, I've now got a donations system set up, through which you can make a small contribution if you like what I'm doing. Also, I'm always willing to hear feedback on script features and compatibility testing with lesser-known browsers!

If you've read this far, I was going to offer an reward for those of you persistent enough to troll through my site reading every last word. In the end I gave up and decided that this was as near as I was going to get.

See you later - Angus