de1337er v1.0

Written as a joke, I thought I'd post this here and see if anyone notices. This script is similar to the CodeTrimmer, but is completely useless. It converts text from (and to, but we won't go into that) the strange dialect known as '1337'. If you're familiar with the lingo, it might be a laugh, decrypting even the most ph33r50m3 gamer's threats.

Script License Agreement

You may use this script only if you agree that:

  1. This script is provided on an "AS-IS" basis, without any warranties, and you use it entirely at your own risk.
  2. This script may not be redistributed, sold, rented, leased or sublicensed to third parties without my prior consent.

If you wish to arrange alternate licensing terms, please contact me for more information.


If you want, you can view an online demonstration.

To download this permanently: (2kb).

But please; you know better than to download this permanently. Really.

Archived Versions:

This is the first public release of this script.