DHTML Custom Development

Welcome to my portfolio of original, high-performance DHTML and JavaScript examples. I've designed them all to be as small as possible (once you trim out the comments, of course) and fast -- small code is my main priority when developing scripts, as users don't want to wait half an hour for their site to load.

I am also available if you want to hire me to extend these scripts, or develop custom projects from scratch or a specification. So drop me a line if you are interested in having me undertake a project... it could save you a lot of time!

If you are going to use these yourself, please respect the Conditions of Use outlined in the individual scripts. That is, be sure to link to this site's splash page, or perhaps consider making a donation via PayPal to support the further development of these scripts. Also feel free to visit my Links Gallery of notable DHTML sites.

Main Projects

FreeStyle Menus v1.0 RC

A lightweight, CSS-formatted menu system. I use it on this site, as it keeps all its data in your (X)HTML document, and can degrade nicely in older browsers.

Cascading Popup Menus v5.2 RC

A well-implemented popup menu system can greatly enhance navigation around a website. This script is a largely JavaScript-based popup menu system with many advanced features like freeform cross frames support and menu animation, but without the bloat of other menu scripts.

SuperNote v1.0 beta

A popup tooltip script that is implemented via normal document footnotes. It's very full of features, customisable, and compatible!

Photo Morpher v1.0 beta

An image gallery on steroids. Blend and morph between images that are defined in a standard list in the page for easy modification and good backwards compatibility.

Tipster v3.1 RC

A neat script that can add popup text descriptions to documents, make them follow the mouse and fade in and out.

CheckTree v1.0 RC

An installer-like expanding tree menu, with support for unlimited levels and based on clean HTML markup.

DHTML Scroller v4.0 RC

Used in this site, this supports loading files into a div and scrolling it on one page. You should be looking at it now... so no more description is necessary. It contains a full feature list -- and a fully working scrollbar. Easily extendable, and quite small.

Inline HV Scrollbox v1.1 RC

This is a 4-directional scroller with support for multiple pages within its scrolling area. It can also be embedded within a table or div or similar, and keep its inline position.

Cross-Browser DHTML API v1.1 RC

Used in most of my v4 scripts, this handles simple browser detection and DOM issues. You may want this to customise the above demonstrations or use in your own scripts.

Other Scripts

These are listed for a bit of a laugh, or if anyone wants a simple tutorial-type script. Click the header links for a demo, or the download links if you really want 'em.

Header Fader v1.0

Adds a sliding, fading animation to all header elements on a page. Download current version.

Image Cycler v2.0

This preloads, cycles and optionally transitions between an array of images filenames. It includes customisable timers and can start/stop based on user or script control. Download current version, or archived: v1.0.

Quote Scroller v2.3

A cross-browser animation script that shows an array of quotes flowing across the screen at several different speeds and colours. Download current version, or archived: v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.0.

Text Colour Cycler v1.1

Periodically replaces the content of a DIV tag with new markup to create a wavelike effect. Download current version, or archived: v1.0.