DHTML Scroller v4.0 RC2

This script can load a file into a div, and scroll it via simple function calls and a fully draggable and sizeable scrollbar. It's small and quite fast to load its content.

One of the major reasons to use this script is that you can combine this with popup menus or other navigation controls that a) Stay onscreen as you scroll without using frames, and b) Other divs (like the fadeout effect used in this site and popup menus) can move over or under the page. Also, loading only the content for a page, rather than all the menus again, makes browsing very fast indeed.

Note: This script was designed for "version 4" browsers and is now outdated. Please consider HTMLHttpRequest instead.

Script License Agreement

You may use this script only if you agree that:

  1. You must EITHER:
    1. Donating Users: This script is "donation-ware". If you can make a donation to support this script, it may be used on a website without a crediting link. Please consider making a donation! I have spent a lot of time developing, debugging and documenting scripts, and any support is welcome. More info...
    2. Free Users: All websites using this script for free must contain somewhere a visible crediting link to TwinHelix Designs, e.g. 'DHTML / JavaScript Tree by TwinHelix Designs'.
  2. You must leave the "Script Name/Author/URL" comment in the source of the script file.
  3. This script is provided on an "AS-IS" basis, without any warranties, and you use it entirely at your own risk.
  4. This script may not be redistributed, sold, rented, leased or sublicensed to third parties without my prior consent.

If you have another use for the script (for example, within a web application) or wish to arrange alternate licensing terms, please contact me for more information.


If you want, you can see an online demo.

To download this permanently: divscroll.zip (28kb). This contains all the necessary files to run this script.

Compatibility - Testers Needed!

If you have a copy of a browser not listed as 'Tested and Works', please tell me if it works or not - thanks! Take these as a guide only, and be sure to test in all target environments.

Archived Versions: